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This work would not be possible without our collaborative, community-focused, and inspiring partners.

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Program Goals: Reduce disparities in maternal and infant health outcomes within the African American community

Program Components: Home visitation, case management, community action network, non-clinical pregnancy services, intergenerational services, fatherhood services

Evaluation Outcomes of Interest: Incidence of preterm birth, low birth weight babies, and infant mortality, breast feeding initiation and continuation, child development, physical and mental health, and partner engagement

Evaluation Data Sources: Culturally responsive and equitable surveys, focus groups, and interviews, in addition to data gathered from screening tools 

Employed Analytical Techniques: Inductive thematic analysis, descriptive statistics, linear regression models

Additional Services: Grant writing, hiring, training, and strategic planning

Prodigy Coffeehouse Logo

Program Goals: Provide professional development and hands-on learning to disconnected young adults to develop mindsets and skills for sustainable careers and economic mobility to enrich their city. 

Program Components: Mentoring, apprenticeship program, community connections

Evaluation Outcomes of Interest: Earning power, social capital, post-traumatic growth

Evaluation Data Sources: Literature review and key informant interviews

Employed Analytical Techniques: Inductive thematic analysis

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